Beginner’s Guide to being natural: Part 2 (The toolbox)

Here we go…

EVERY mechanic (yes, even the self proclaimed dads that swear they can “fix it”) has a toolbox. And like everything on this earth, some people’s toolboxes are prettier than others’. It’s a thing you learn to live with. Other naturals can afford salon quality products while some (clears throat) have to make their own DIY concoctions. It’s how the world works and it’s okay..

You guys catch where I’m going??

This post is focussing on the first time naturals that have no idea what their ‘toolbox’ should contain. When I first went natural I was pretty sure all I had to have was tangle spray, sunlight green bar soap (don’t ask) and some cheap hair food I got for R10 (Guys please help. I still don’t know what hair food does). That’s okay though. I’ve learnt my lesson and now I know the things I need. Now I still only have 3 products but I have the RIGHT ONES.

So listen up all first time naturals.. (even if you’re not natural and just want healthy hair) this is what your toolbox should contain

You wanna start off with a good quality DETANGLER/WIDE TOOTHED COMB, BRUSH, EDGES TOOTHBRUSH and other tools you’ll need to make the hair behave. These are all optional and will depend on how you treat your hair. I don’t use any of these besides a wide toothed comb and I only use it once a week

Next you want A GOOD SHAMPOO/CLARIFYING AGENT. Hair goes through a lot of product between wash days and build up becomes a problem so you need to have something to clean all that guck. If you’re like me and shampoo gives you chills, you can double clarify with baking soda and Apple cider vinegar. So basically, I form a paste using baking soda (or bicarbonate of soda) and water (use as much as you need according to the amount of hair you have) and then follow with an Apple cider vinegar rinse by mixing one part Apple cider vinegar and 10 parts water to further cleanse and you should be squeaky clean

EVERY and I mean EVERY naturalista’s toolbox should have A CONDITIONER. This is where you can be lenient and get a cheap one, it doesn’t have to be good quality. You’ll use this for undoing braids, prepooing, mixing a deep conditioner and sometimes as a leave in product

Another thing most naturals like having is a good quality, non flaking GEL and an EDGE control. Personally I don’t use either but I’ve heard rave reviews about eco styler gel and gorilla snot (hands down coolest name ever lol)

Your nightly hair protection. You have to, have to invest in either: A SATIN OR SILK BONNET, PILLOWCASE OR HEAD SCARF. I beg. Your edges depend on this.

the number one thing your hair needs to be healthy is moisture and there is only one thing that can truly give you this. Please believe me when i tell you that the only “product” that will give you true moisture is water and because nobody has the time and patience to be manually splashing water onto their hair, get you a SPRAY BOTTLE. It doesnt have to be a spray-o-matic 2.0 with spit fire nozzle and state of the art spritz control. My first spray bottle was my mom’s empty make-up setting spray bottle that I cleaned out and filled with water and conditioner

A GOOD QUALITY NATURAL OIL. Doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg but it does have to be natural. Please bear in mind though that oil is a sealant. It seals in what is already in your hair. If there is no moisture in your hair and your hair is completely dry, all you’re sealing into your hair is dryness

Next and lastly is good CREAM OR BUTTER OR SMOOTHIE or whatever you wish to use to further moisturize your hair.

One last thing, remember that this is your hair journey. Make it fun. Make it your own. You don’t need the curling custard or the most expensive Shea butter and most importantly you don’t need to make it look like anyone else’s. It’s okay to draw inspiration. It’s not okay to imitate. Let your hair decide.

hope this helped 🙂

Stay irie

Bless up



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