Beginner’s Guide to being natural: Part 1 (The knowledge)

So.. bear with me. This will be a long one (I even had split the posts)

Hi guys! It’s me again. Your friendly neighbourhood blogger lol. Back again with ANOTHER hair post. Just bear with me. I don’t only post about hair all the time. Ok so I was twiddling my thumbs trying to figure out what to post and it hit me. If I knew the things I knew now, before I went natural.. I would be flaunting a bra strap length braid out. That’s okay, I’m not bitter (in public) (tear drop).

Like I said, this will be long. For the obvious reason that I’ll be cramming three years worth of acquired information into a mere blog post but I have faith in myself. I can do this. I think

After thinking long and hard what the first thing I would’ve liked to know three years ago is the fact that NATURAL HAIR IS NOT JUST LIVING RELAXER-FREE AND WASHING AND DRYING YOUR HAIR AND LIVING YOUR LIFE LIKE IT’S GOLDEN absolutely not. If you think for a second natural hair is easy and not a lot of work then put the scissors down babes, you shouldn’t go natural. There’s moisturizing (deep conditioning, LOC or LCO methods which I’ll explain in a bit), there is protein treating, there’s trimming, dusting and so much more (but I got y’all, I’ll get into it).

Another thing I wish i knew is NOT EVERY MOISTURIZER WILL WORK FOR YOU. Put down the hair food baby girl, you don’t know what it does. (Serious, wtf does hair food even do??). And also you can’t survive on one moisturizer and think it’s all good. No.

Like I mentioned, you can’t just wash and dry your hair. That’s not enough. YOU NEED A REGIMEN. Now the regimen doesn’t have to be bone straight and you are allowed to change it up a little but you need to at least have a basic regimen.

Don’t think that oil is your saving grace. Yes, you need to invest in a natural oil but JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE A NATURAL OIL, DOESN’T MEAN IT WILL DELIVER THOU FROM EVIL and solve all your natural problems and give you life and all that bouncy hair jazz. No. Don’t put all your trust in it

Which leads me to my next point, THAT YOUTUBER KNOWS WHAT SHE’S TALKING ABOUT, BUT NOT WHEN IT COMES TO [YOUR] HAIR. It’s a sad truth but no one knows what’s good for your hair but you. It’s okay to binge watch natural hair videos trust me, I do that but I do keep in mind that what works for her might not necessarily work for me. You can take tips, that’s why YouTubers are there but she donno your hair like that. No

You need to learn your hair, and learning your hair takes time. Took me about 3 years to learn mine and when I finally did, it grew and still grows like crazy. So give it time and be patient.

THERE’S DIFFERENT HAIR TYPES. Please understand, guys. You might not necessarily have my hair type and I might not have yours. That’s just how it is. And no, there is no product that can magically make you have permanent poppin’ curls. The curls will be right now not forever.

Another quick thing before I move on to part 2. Healthy hair grows. So take care of your hair and you won’t need to worry about length retention

Hope that helped. There’s a part 2 coming so stay tuned

Stay irie, everyone

Bless up



    5 thoughts on “Beginner’s Guide to being natural: Part 1 (The knowledge)

    1. “There is no product that can magically make you have permanent poppin’ curls.” Amen. I see too many naturals trying to permanently turn their kinks into curls.

      You also make a good point about vloggers. They’re knowledgeable, but we shouldn’t be doing everything they say to our hair. No one knows our hair better than us once we take the time to learn it.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I think the most important thing (and this took me a while) is to let your hair do its own thing. Once you learn to love it and stop trying to make it what it isn’t, it just… becomes lifeless. Thank you reading and thank you for commenting 💛


    2. I feel like everyone considering going natural should read this post. Not because it’ll scare you out of the thought but it’s a great introduction of what to expect & I think its great!

      Thanks for sharing! xx


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