No shampoo. WHAT??

So before cutting my hair a second time, I never ever in my wildest dreams imagined I’d completely boycott shampoos. I always viewed it as one of those things your hair cannot live without. Like a bathroom cabinet without shampoo should feel incomplete and ashamed 

Nonetheless, my views on shampoo were never enough motivation to go out and try purchase any. I’d always try replace it with the trustee green bar or I’d just not use any cleaning thing..mabob?? (I mean.. I donno). So one day I decided to research (as I do) a way to clean my hair without any shampoo or bar soap and I stumbled upon baking soda and ACV (Apple cider vinegar). Now my first reaction was “why am I ’bout to be adding all this acidic content in my hair”.. but knowing me I did it anyways… I went on a wild goose chase and for the life of me I could never find any Apple cider vinegar and if I did it cost half my life so I wasn’t having that. I decided to settle for just baking soda. It saved me so much money AND it’s almost anywhere so I felt pretty accomplished with myself
So I put my big boy socks on and got to work (or whatever it was I was doing because it wasn’t work lol).

Getting into it was really simple to be honest, I took about a teaspoon and a half of baking soda (bear in mind i cut my hair six months ago so my hair is pretty small) and added tiny amounts of water until it made a paste (alternative ways is to add a teaspoon to your shampoo and massage onto your scalp) I just like.. plopped it all onto my hair and by golly it worked! Part of me was excited because it was so easy but part of me knew that I have pretty weak hair which is incredibly easy to clean. I must warn you tho it does stretch the hair a bit so if you’re not into that then be mindful.


Some might not consider this a benefit but it stretched my hair quiet a bit. It wasn’t so coiled up and when I undid my braid out it was so stretched I had to spritz it with a bit of water to remind it to calm down

I had quiet the build up before washing with it and trust me when I say it was squeaky clean after washing with it so believe me it’s very cleansing to the scalp and all the guck, oil and build up will be no more

One thing I didn’t notice until I actually wrote this post was that the clean hair lasted longer than when I used normal shampoo. I’ve used shampoo before and the clean hair lasts about a week tops. with baking soda the clean hair lasted about two weeks (or till I washed. I wash every 10-14 days)

It actually makes hair super smooth and silky. I didn’t understand why but the hair became really smooth

Now, I donno if this was as a result of the baking soda or what, but I noticed it right after doing the wash for the first time, some 4c curls became 4b. Like I said I cannot promise that your tight curls will become looser, it’s just something I noticed after washing and letting it dry 


One of the disadvantages is that you have to make sure you moisturize your hair for Africa, I beg. The baking soda is pretty drying and so you need to follow it with serious moisture.

You need to make sure you thoroughly wash it out and even when you do, it might still leave a little residue so bear that in mind when you rinse it out

But that’s about it. Remember I am not saying it will work wonders for you I’m just stating what it did for me and hopefully it does the same for you.

Hope you found this helpful and informative and please don’t forget to comment below your thoughts I love hearing from you guys

Stay irie, everyone.

Bless up



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