8 weightloss hacks 

​Okay okay. Before you light your pitch forks and chase me for not posting any new material I do ask you to find it in your heart to forgive me.

Now that apologies are out the way. Let’s get to the real business. Who here wants to lose weight? Be it for that new swimsuit or your wedding or graduation or just cause you’ve been putting it off for too long (guilty). Everyone of us probably at some stage wants to lose weight, I can guarantee that. Fortunately, like everything on this earth, weightloss has hacks. I’ve got my top eight that got me to lose about 10 kgs. Promise. Now these are personal hacks I’ve used for myself. Bear in mind that I am not you (that would be odd) and what works for me might do the polar opposite for you. Please consult a professional before attempting anything new you’re unsure of

1. Drink lots of water
You’ve heard this a million times and I’ll tell you a million times more. At first I started by forcing it down and now I can’t go a day without at least two litres. It fills you up when you drink it before meals, keeps you hydrated, clears your skin, detoxifies you. It does so much but it especially aids weightloss, no lie.

2. A calorie/food diary
I never understood this part of weightloss until I did further research on it (don’t worry, I did that part for you). So each individual has a certain amount of calories a day they need to eat to either lose or gain weight. If you are trying to lose weight you need to eat a certain amount of calories that are less than your basic metabolic rate (more or less the amount of calories your body usually burns). Basically, the only reason you haven’t lost weight is that the amount of calories you eat are either the same or more than your basic metabolic rate. What a calorie diary does is track how many calories your meal contains (more or less). Tracking your calories means you can eliminate foods that are high in calories and fat.

3. Motivation
Trust me. You won’t lose any weight without motivation. Follow fitness pages on your social media, find pictures of yourself where you think you look great, get pics of your celeb crushes If you want (guys please don’t stalk nobody! Lol) If you feel motivated you won’t think twice about getting yourself there

4. Always find an excuse to cardio up your day
Take the stairs instead of the lift, walk your dog instead of watching tv, walk to the park. If you always find a way to add cardio to your day, weightloss will always be easier to attain

5. Ditch the junk
I can literally hear you all squeal. I’m screaming myself, and as much as I hate to admit it, you kinda have to. The good news is, you don’t have to cut it out completely. You can leave it for cheat days and reward days, which leads us to the next hack

6. Reward yourself
Reward yourself for your hard work. Once your brain associates the hard work with rewards, you’ll find it easier to stay on track always.

7. Don’t ditch a workout
Workout from home if it’s raining, add a power walk if you are tight on time y’know! Keep it going and you won’t fall behind

8. Homemade smoothies are your friends
Never sleep on them. They are a great, healthy and safe way to help in meal replacement. Add Chia seeds to help with appetite control

There we go! One thing is to never push yourself too hard, your body needs to recover once in a while so don’t be so hard on it

I hope you found this useful and helpful an thank you for reading

Stay irie everyone

Bless up



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